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There are a total of nine airports in Ireland. Three of these airports - Dublin, Cork and Shannon - are owned by the Irish government and operated on its behalf by separate airport authorities. (That is, Dublin, Cork, and Shannon Airport Authorities). The other Irish airports at Waterford, Knock,Galway, Sligo, Donegal and Kerry are privately owned.

In 1999, a by-law was introduced that obliged all service providers (airlines, carparks etc) at state
airports to put in place specific facilities for air travellers with a disability. Service providers who fail to comply with their obligations to disabled travellers face penalties that are imposed by the state Airport Authorities. If you are travelling to/from a state airport in Ireland, you should notify your airline or Airport Authority in advance if you require any special facilities.

There are a number of measures which you can take to ensure your trip is as smooth and trouble-free as possible. Adapting to unexpected situations is part of the challenge of travelling but advance knowledge of facilities available during travel and at your holiday destination can be very important.

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